poem 4 sonnet for lila

your blue and green eyes with a dot of gold

keenly aware of worlds beyond your grasp

conquering fears too large for you to hold

protection from them you dare not need ask

a simple beauty bound by innocence

and silly, wiggly, sparkling energy

leaves not a single person on the fence

their feelings for you, no great mystery

from latency your lessons you did teach

as overzealously i soldiered on

reminding me to take care and not reach

past my breaking point or far beyond

each day the simple wisdom you exude

for this i have eternal gratitude

About mandycregan

i'm a mom, partner, healer, writer, business owner and dancer.
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2 Responses to poem 4 sonnet for lila

  1. Chris Sanborn says:

    Teaching Shakespearean sonnets this week, in fact! Via Romeo and Juliet. Thanks for the inspiration…what made you choose this form?

    • mandycregan says:

      Nice!! I’ve just been immersing myself in poetry lately– and when i was a senior in high school i did a semester of independent study on Shakespeare– and did a sonnet unit with some freshman classes. so– they have well-infiltrated my brain. thanks for reading, Chris.

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