this careful framework

timelessness emerges existing

next to you.

a span of hours, days–

one tender moment folded

into lifetimes spent

chasing shadows and resurrecting



mapping this careful framework

entrusted to none

but ourselves.


the understated pageantry

of a life unfolding

small moments witnessed–

all access granted

to the one whose willingness

to engage is unsurpassed.


a tumbling,

toppling of walls,

silent surrender to that which

has always been and will

continue to be

regardless of rank or title–


the recognition of this quiet devotion

born of hidden smiles

and gentle entreaties–

playful words

and insecurities bared.


a singular insistence upon structure

rumblings of a voice

long silent–

shedding of pretense and posture–

the rediscovery

of my laughter.

About mandycregan

i'm a mom, partner, healer, writer, business owner and dancer.
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2 Responses to this careful framework

  1. Miss Lou says:

    Beautifully written! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Miss Lou

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