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moving forward is hard. and standing in one place feels like I’m being shoved backwards. there are days when I want to stay in bed with my head under the covers. or I wish I were my cat. and my … Continue reading

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weaver of words,

kill your old stories slash and burn them to the ground… narrate something new.

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like nesting dolls

standing in the kitchen, a wave washes over– a gentle reminder of the beauty and certainty surrounding me.   for there is little more tangible than love– and time and actions speak worlds more than flowery words and unencumbered emotion.   they speak to a carefulness … Continue reading

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bound by our humanity

I spent all day in bed.  When I went to sleep last night I was flirting with a sore throat, or perhaps it was flirting with me.  In either case, I acknowledged it, dosed myself with what I had in … Continue reading

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